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[O] BEAMER_act and special environments

From: James Harkins
Subject: [O] BEAMER_act and special environments
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 11:14:20 +0800
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I'm not especially familiar with emacs-lisp and I haven't looked at the functions for node properties at all. Unfortunately, I'm under a time crunch today and I don't have the few hours it would take to get up to speed (otherwise, I'd have a go at it myself).

It seems that everything in org-beamer-environments-default supports overlay specifications, except beamercolorbox. OK... what about org-beamer-environments-special? I found today that B_columns ignores any overlay specification given in the heading's properties. That is:

**** Header                                                       :B_columns:
    :BEAMER_env: columns
    :BEAMER_act: 2-
(... with some BMCOL headings underneath...)


.. blah blah...

.. where I would have hoped for "\begin{columns}<2->"

I was able to work around the limitation by wrapping the "columns" environments within "onlyenv" environments. But it seems to me that it might be nicer to be able to write the overlay directly into the affected environment.

I don't mind poking around the code, but I'd need some tips. I can see where B_columns gets formatted, but I'm not clear how to check for a BEAMER_act property.


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