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Re: [O] Using allowframebreaks in org-beamer

From: Rasmus
Subject: Re: [O] Using allowframebreaks in org-beamer
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 03:13:07 +0100
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Hi Stephen,

"Stephen J. Barr" <address@hidden> writes:

> I am trying to get allowframebreaks to work in an org-mode
> presentation. I have the following header + slide.
> In the slide that is produced, it seems to drop off the slide after the
> 8th item, and there is no slide with anything about 9. Is there anything
> else that I need to add?


0. Put less stuff on your slides!  Seriously. 

1. If 0 doesn't suit you look for the previous thread on this issue
   started by Eric Fragga.  There's a real simple solution where you
   unset the framelabel (label=).  I also posted a filter that should
   take care of it automatically it that's better in your setup.

Eric has reported the bug upstream here:


Hope it helps. 


. . . The proofs are technical in nature and provides no real understanding.

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