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Re: [O] Using Multiple TODO Keywords

From: Kenneth Jacker
Subject: Re: [O] Using Multiple TODO Keywords
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 15:59:36 -0500
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  bzg> Hi Kenneth,

Hello, Bastien!

Sorry to have taken so long to reply ...

  >> When I use `t' or "C-c C-t", the keywords change from TODO, to PENDING,
  >> to CANCELED, and then repeat *only those three states*.
  >> Shouldn't I be able to use the above to mark the this week's task as DONE?

  bzg> If you use fast TODO selection like this


  bzg> (note the (d) after DONE) then you'll be able to set the task DONE,

Great minds think alike?  ;-)

That's what I ended up using soon after my ML posting.

  bzg> but the presence of the repeater will still let the TODO state
  bzg> switch to the next one, namely "TODO".


I'm still a bit baffled by the behavior of "repeaters" ...

  bzg> Maybe we should introduce a way to ignore the repeater -- is anyone
  bzg> missing this too?

Not that important to me ... at least for now ... still trying to learn
how to use the more basic (viz., task scheduling) elements within Org.

Thanks for taking the time to reply,


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