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Re: [O] Babel: the disappearing hline

From: Jarmo Hurri
Subject: Re: [O] Babel: the disappearing hline
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 08:19:12 +0200
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Rick Frankel <address@hidden> writes:

Greetings again.

> Again, the solution is to globally set the :hline property to =yes=
> instead of the default =no=, and you will get the results you want.

The issue I am trying to raise here is the consistency of the system,
not the way to solve this particular problem. Personally I think it
would be clearer if the handling of hlines in _output_ were consistent
_by default_, regardless of whether the call is made by direct
evaluation of a block; by a post(); or by a #+CALL. I found it very
weird when I bumped into this discrepancy - in a much more complicated
context than the examples I have shown here.

But it is your system and you know what kind of qualities you want it to
have. I am just learning the ropes and sending you a message from the

All the best,


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