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[O] Smart quotes not working with some languages?

From: Daniil Frumin
Subject: [O] Smart quotes not working with some languages?
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 01:11:34 +0400

Hi! I am using the latest org from git and I can't get org to export (I need LaTeX export particularly) files with smart quotes.

The following example silently fails to produce smart quotes:

#+OPTIONS: ':t
This is a 'test' "file".

* Headline with 'quotes'
** Subheading with "quotes".
   This is "some" 'text'.

Using 'fr' yields different quotes, for example. Is there a way to use standard "english" smart quotes with different language? Right now my example is producing bad LaTeX.

Sincerely yours,
-- Daniil Frumin

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