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[O] Installing orgmode-8.2.3b as ELPA

From: Dan
Subject: [O] Installing orgmode-8.2.3b as ELPA
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 20:24:02 +0200

Hi, I'd like to install orgmode-stable (8.2.3b I guess) as non-root --
ideally as an ELPA package.

Unfortunately orgmode.org/elpa/ contains only nightlies (hey, an
elpa-stable package in http://orgmode.org/elpa/archive-contents would
be a welcome addition!)

The process by which ELPA releases are created is only alluded to in
README_maintainer: "There are two cron tasks on the server: one that
builds the ELPA packages and one that builds org-latest.tar.gz and
org-latest.zip... ELPA packages are built from the *maint* branch..."

(begs the question, which two tasks? and why is the cron script not
included in the distribution, or documented more clearly).

After some digging, I tried to recreate an ELPA-style tar from git:

$ make -f mk/server.mk elpa
make: *** No rule to make target `info', needed by `elpa'.  Stop.

OK, getting a little frustrated now... Some help please?


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