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[O] My howto for Org, japanese text and furigana

From: Andrea Rossetti
Subject: [O] My howto for Org, japanese text and furigana
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 13:14:19 +0100

Hello everyone,

  by reading the suggestions from this list, I prepared
an example the Org headers one could use to write

Japanese in Org, with or without furigana signs.

  It's available at this address, under the "furigana-example"


  It's there mainly as a reminder to myself, and it's obviously
not perfect, but I just wanted to share.
In my environment
(Win 7 + Emacs 24.3 + a recent Org + a newbie user at the
console) the Org file produces proper export to HTML and PDF
output, hope it may work for other users interested in Japanese
writing too.

  Kindest regards,


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