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Re: [O] Full org-mode on unrooted Android

From: Jaromil
Subject: Re: [O] Full org-mode on unrooted Android
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 01:23:43 +0100
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dear Carsten and org-mode list,

while you have discovered (too early!) ZShaolin having a working version
of Emacs that could decenlty run org-mode on an Android, I've been
caught in a kind of guilty complex by reading your mails and not having
time to fix things. I must admit, as I have admitted elsewhere, that the
inclusion of Emacs was still experimental in ZShaolin 0.7 (and that's
why is not a 1.0). I've always wanted to have Emacs org-mode usable on a
tablet myself and I consider that an ultimate goal of this development.

In 0.7 There was an issue with TMPDIR, easy to guess and repair, and
then one with the elisp files which are not included in ZShaolin, rather
shipped with another app I'm going to depend upon for the time being.

> On 24.10.2013, at 18:22, Charles Philip Chan <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Hi Carsten:
> >> 0.7.1, and to problem is still present.
> > Strange, what happens when you do a:
> > 
> > ,----
> > | ls /sdcard/emacs/etc/charsets
> > `----

> > Carsten Dominik <address@hidden> writes:
> Not even the emacs directory on the sdcard exists.  And yes, I *do*
> have an sdcard...  Reinstalling dos not work.

In ZShaolin I'm building almost everyting with my own toolchain, but for
the Emacs build I'm trusting Zielmicha which IMHO has made the the best
Android build around.  For the Emacs user, my app adds to it a sane
shell envionment and terminal to work. But when you start emacs in
ZShaolin there are no elisp files: these must be installed into
sdcard/emacs and this can be done by simply installing com.zielm.emacs:

If both ZShaolin and this app above are installed, Emacs in ZShaolin
will start and autoload org-mode. Some things can be still made better,
to start faster for instance, like removing most language support since
Google's bionic lib has removed NLS and wide char support (they've been
so short sighted to support locales only in Java...)

Of course there is still a missing piece, that is ZShaolin itself :^)
since you need to buy it or build it, which isn't trivial at the moment.

For those here who like to try it then please accept my humble homage: a
standalone version of ZShaolin based on the latest version 0.9 where
I've managed to fix for most issues related to Emacs, which won't update
nor will require the Google Play market, and basically contains ZSh,
Emacs and a few other utilities like GnuPG, Ssh and Git.
https://files.dyne.org/zshaolin/.org-mode/ Providing you with this is
really the minimum I can do, as a very happy and enthusiast org-mode
user since years: it facilitates in so many ways my life, it is almost
embarassing to find myself in this position now. Many thanks!

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