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Re: [O] managing articles in my personal library, and their citational m

From: Eric Schulte
Subject: Re: [O] managing articles in my personal library, and their citational material, using org mode instead of bibtex
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 21:04:33 -0700
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Alan L Tyree <address@hidden> writes:

> On 20/11/13 17:27, Jambunathan K wrote:
>> Alan L Tyree <address@hidden> writes:
>>> What I mean is to enter something like \cite{mann82} in the text and
>>> have it spit out (Mann 1982) in each and every export as well as
>>> constructing an entry for the bibliography.
>> (For benefit of others)
>> ox-jabref.el and JabRef can spit things out in different formats.  I
>> I have added support for the odt backend.  But I have fleshed out the
>> basic details so that it could be re-targeted for HTML or Plain Ascii
>> export.
>> ----------------
>> Often the problem is that the author is stuck with a given DB and tool
>> and is unwilling to let go of investments that he has made in that
>> specific tool.  (This is perfectly understandable.)
> Hi Jambu,
> This is a bit cryptic. It seems to me that it is relatively easy to
> change DB and tools. I currently keep all my references in a bibtex
> DB, but there are plenty of conversion tools. The real problem is
> finding something that works.
> I still find Org mode a bit frustrating in this context. In the above
> quote I say "something like \cite", but I don't really care what the
> entry looks like as long as it can retrieve information from a DB and
> construct the correct text reference and the correct bibliography
> entry across all exports.
> Is there such a DB and tool?
> Cheers,
> Alan

Checkout ox-bibtex.el in contrib used in combination with either ebib or


Eric Schulte
PGP: 0x614CA05D

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