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[O] problems while editing in org-columns mode

From: andrea . rossetti
Subject: [O] problems while editing in org-columns mode
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 20:30:01 +0100

Hello everyone,

  I get some unexpected behaviour in org-column mode on my
workstation (Emacs 24.3, org-version 8.2.2, Win 7 64 bit).
May I ask support in order to understand:

- if this is reproducible for you as well
- if it is actually a bug, or a mess on my local installation,
  or if I misunderstood how to use org-column properly

  Thanks in advance to anyone patient enough to read this
and give it a try. Kindest regards, Andrea.


1) create an example Org file like this:

* myproject
** mytask1
** mytask2

2) click on the word "myproject", C-c C-x C-c to enable
column view

3) M-S-<right>, then answer the wizard questions:
property=cost, title=cost, width=8, summary=add_numbers

4) now click on the word "myproject", type q to leave
org-columns mode

5) you will see that in the first row of the buffer
a new line appears:


  I expected "%8cost{+}" instead of "%8cost". Even
if f I change manually "%8cost" to "%8cost{+}" the
automatic sums (cost of myproject sums cost of
mytask1+mytask2) still don't work.

  The sums work properly if I remove the entire
#+COLUMNS statement and add to the :PROPERTIES: of
row "myproject" the following property:



1, 2, 3) same steps than problem A

4) go on row "mytask1" column "cost", type "e" to edit
the value, set it to 1234, type RET

5) type "e" and change the proposed value 1234 into
the empty string, then type RET 

6) type "e" and set the value to 3456, then type RET

7) go on row "mytask1", type TAB to see the properties:
you will see that the properties are now:

   :cost:     3456

(I did not expect that empty :cost: column)

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