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[O] [PATCH][ox-koma-letter] changed-in-buffer, subject, minor fixes

From: Rasmus
Subject: [O] [PATCH][ox-koma-letter] changed-in-buffer, subject, minor fixes
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 01:15:52 +0100
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Hi all,

Attached are a couple of changes to ox-koma-letter following a recent
bug report by James.

1. Minor fixes around.  The way subject-format was handled before was
   ugly.  Updated some docstrings etc.

2. better test of whether values have changed in the buffer.  I think
   Alan added this first, but the previous implementation.  I think
   it's more robust now, and it hopefully addresses James' problems
   (please test).  Basically and x-aux variable is added for all
   variables x in :option-alist with a default value "unset".  The
   value can then be tested.

   I'm still concerned about this whole in-buffer voodoo.  Not only do
   we test :email twice (sorry for keep bringing this up), but
   e.g. backaddress can only be set in buffer now:
      (when with-backaddress-set
        (format "\\KOMAoption{backaddress}{%s}\n" (if with-backaddress "true" 

   Perhaps this is OK, but one might have to rely on LCO files rather
   than lisp to change defaults (which I don't like).

3. When studying the KOMA manual to answer James' second question I
   came across the komavar title which is currently not supported.  I
   have added support for a separate SUBJECT keyword.  The heuristic
   is something like this (i) if title and subject are be truthful to
   the name no matter what, (ii) if only title or subject is said let
   title be subject if org-koma-letter-title-is-subject-maybe is t
   otherwise be truthful to name.
I have of course tested the patches here, but I would appreciate
feedback before they are applied.  There's also a number of TODOs in
the code that I would appreciate feedback on.

In 3. I would personally like to set
org-koma-letter-title-is-subject-maybe to nil by defaults, but this
would break backwards comparability for title keywords.


PS: We should add a banner to the Worg tutorial that not all info is
    up-to-date and that people one should as a minimum supplement it with
    reading the commentary section of the file (I'm not sure whether
    people do this).

Enough with the bla bla!

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