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Re: [O] Near real-time preview of PDF/ODT export?

From: Torsten Wagner
Subject: Re: [O] Near real-time preview of PDF/ODT export?
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 14:25:04 +0100

Hi Alan,

nice, you might can start easily asking him to solve the installer
problem and provide an package for a ELPA repository. That alone would
allow much more people to use it.
I think the main problem for org-mode would be the fact that
org-mode->PDF is a two step approach. Org-mode exports converts the
org-mode syntax into a TeX file which then gets compiled into PDF by a
LaTeX system. To preserve the cursor position, the org-mode exporter
would have to add the necessary code already within the Tex-file.
That means whatever whizzytex.el is doing to the final latex code,
parts of it would need to move to org-mode export for PDF.
After that, I believe one could use whizzytex as it is.
However, I guess the author Didier Rémy can forsee already very
clearly what kind of feature would be needed in the org-mode exporter
to make it working with whizzytex.
Since we have now a modular exporting system, we could have a
ox-whizzytex which mainly base on ox-latex and only adds the
additional requirements for whizzytex. this requirements as far as I
can see would be:
1. Cursor position
2. Automatic definition of an export region (in the same way,
Whizzytex works on a subset of the TeX-buffer to allow fast
3. Create a function outside the exporter which calls ox-whizzytex
exporter for each change in the org-file.

Point 2 would be necessary within org-export to avoid long processing
times of org-export on large documents.

All in all, it would require to implement the functions defined in
whizzytex.el to org-mode resp. the org-exporter.

Alternatively, one could make whizzytex aware of org-mode and calling
the org-exporter for an region first before processing the generated
TeX file.

This would lead to the decision whether to have a
org-mode exporter for whizzytex
or to make
whizzytex aware of org-mode

All the best


On 25 November 2013 11:35, Alan Schmitt <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello,
> address@hidden writes:
>> Would it be an option to implement something like WhizzyTex for org-mode?
>> Thus you would have the easiness of org-mode syntax (which is enough
>> for many cases) with an realtime update of the export to PDF.
> This would be wonderful.
> I happen to know Didier Rémy (the author of WhizzyTex). If there are
> changes needed in WhizzyTex to make this happen, I could try to contact
> him.
> Alan

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