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Re: [O] Org menu change

From: Alan L Tyree
Subject: Re: [O] Org menu change
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2013 07:09:23 +1100
User-agent: mu4e; emacs 24.3.1

Christian Moe writes:

> Alan L Tyree writes:
>>>> In the Emacs menu Org -> Customize -> Expand this menu used to give a
>>>> complete menu of org-mode customisations which was quite helpful for an
>>>> amateur. Now it gives a short menu that does little more than send the
>>>> user to the usual Emacs customisation system.
> I haven't used this feature before, and get different behaviors on OSX
> (where I have mu4e) and Linux (where I don't at the moment), so I'm not
> sure what you expect to see.
> On Mint 15, clicking "Expand this
> menu" places a Customize item in the Customize sub-menu, and hovering
> over this item opens a sub-sub-menu of Org customizations. 

Yes, this is what I expect to see and what I think is the intended
operation of the menus.

> On Mac OSX, it also places a Customize item in the sub-menu; no
> sub-sub-menu appears, however, but clicking the item takes me to a
> *Customize Group: Org* buffer.

This is what I thought was the aberrant behaviour.

>> The error is being caused by my mu4e setup. It begins:
>> (require 'mu4e)
>> (require 'org-mu4e) ;; sets up links to email
>> (require 'org-contacts)
>> Eliminating the second two requires cures the problem and the 'Expand
>> this menu works as it should.
> I don't require org-contacts.
> Requiring or not requiring org-mu4e doesn't seem to make a difference on
> my Mac setup, I get the above behavior regardless.
>> My mu4e and emacs 24 setup is a little unusual, so I don't know if
>> this
>> is a general problem. I would like to hear from anyone using mu4e.
> Sorry I couldn't be less ambiguous...

Ok - it's very interesting since it seems like it is some interaction
with mu4e that causes the different behaviour.

My emacs and mu4e are both self compiled and then installed (Debian
Wheezy) using Gnu Stow. If I use *either* of (require 'org-mu4e) or
(require 'org-contacts) then the sub-sub menu disappears.

I guess it's not really a major problem, but I do find that huge options
menu to be useful.


> Yours,
> Christian

Alan L Tyree           http://www2.austlii.edu.au/~alan
Tel:  04 2748 6206     sip:address@hidden

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