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Re: [O] Opening an Org file slowed down

From: Achim Gratz
Subject: Re: [O] Opening an Org file slowed down
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 21:05:34 +0100
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Michael Brand writes:
> I always do "make cleanall uncompiled". Is this correct?

I don't recommend it, but it should work if you're using a non-buggy
Emacs (i.e. not Emacs 23, which never ignores site-lisp).

> Before I tried without the --eval, but I can reproduce quadratic with
> the following too:
> /[...]/Emacs -Q -L /git/org-mode/lisp --eval '(require (quote org-loaddefs))'

Then you pull in something via an old autoload that points to a file
that doesn't exist anymore in newer Org.  Also, if Emacs (with a capital
E) isn't a typo, you might want to check it isn't actually a script that
doesn't feed through all switches.

> Now I tried "make cleanall compile" the first time and then I can not
> reproduce anymore until I go back to "make cleanall uncompiled". Did
> you try to reproduce with my recipe and uncompiled?

No.  But you can try this:

/[...]/Emacs -Q -L /git/org-mode/lisp \
  -l ../testing/org-batch-test-init.el -l org-loaddefs

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