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Re: [O] imaxima babel

From: yggdrasil
Subject: Re: [O] imaxima babel
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 00:10:30 +0100
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Alan Schmitt <address@hidden> writes:

> This is very useful, thanks a lot. A couple comments and questions on
> your example file (which would be a nice addition to worg).
There is actually already some maxima documentation on worg that got me
started as I was unsure if maxima is supported at all, I have added the
link in the summary. It would probably be good to merge to worg, but I
have no access to it and not time right now to learn how it works. Feel
free to copy paste whatever is useful to amend it though.

> It would be useful to know more about maxima and how to enable it with
> babel (a link to existing documentation, if there is any, would be
> great).
Thanks for the pointer, I have included some more resources I used.

> In my setup, the previewing latex fragment keybinding is "C-c C-x C-l",
> not "C-c C-x C-x".
Sorry, that was a typo!

> I tried previewing the fragment, but I got the error:
> ,----
> | Failed to create dvi file from
> /var/folders/68/fvntfrw92y50gkk_67rkhsfw0000gn/T/orgtex16220cbr.tex
> `----
> Looking at the tex file and the log file, it seems that the tex files is
> to be processed by xelatex, but the command called seems to be pdfTeX. I
> probably have something misconfigured, but I don't know what it is. Any
> suggestion?
Are you sure you have 'dvipng' installed as mentioned in the manual? 
| If you have `dvipng' installed, LaTeX fragments can be processed to
| produce preview images of the typeset expressions:
I have dvipng 1.14 that comes with texlive 2013-3 in F20 which seems to
work fine.

> Finally, and it's a nitpick: breaking lines in the middle of (info ...)
> links prevents following them using "C-x C-e".
Actually, I never used these sort of links myself, thanks for pointing
out how this is done! :) I moved all infolinks to footnotes to avoid the
line breaks.

All the best,


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