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Re: [O] commit 5ea0228 has problem opening big org-mode file

From: York Zhao
Subject: Re: [O] commit 5ea0228 has problem opening big org-mode file
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 19:17:12 -0500

> The only path that needs to be in load-path is the lisp directory for
> org-mode, which is the second line (that you say is "key").

You are right on this which I didn't realize before you pointed out, thanks.
Anyways, in my configuration I always have both lines, and I'm going to delete
the first line. And also, when I was trying to reproduce the issue in a minimum
setup, I deleted the second line then the problem didn't show up which I now
realized was simply because I ended up running the `org-mode' shipped with Emacs
24.3, my bad, sorry for the confusion.

> Unless you have created your completely original way of "installing" Org, then
> only the second line is needed.

As explained above, yes, my `org-mode' is in some other path outside of Emacs,
e.g., "foo/org-mode", which I had already explained, I'm going to delete the
first line. But it doesn't hurt to have the first line anyways right?

> If you do have created your own completely original way of "installing" Org,
> then please don't expect anybody else to be able to help.

It should have been clear by now that this was a "real" problem totally
unrelated to "my own completely original way of installing Org" and had been
addressed properly. I'm not sure if you had tried my reproducer.

> Yes, because you wouldn't load any of the new code.

Already explained on this in previous paragraphs.

> Maybe because your "installation" is borked,

No, my installation had never broken, and as we've all seen, the problem has
nothing to do with my "broken installation".

> but we can't know because you never provided enough information to tell.

I'm pretty sure I had provided pretty effective reproducer with which Nicolas
had successfully reproduced the issue. By the way, it took me two hours to
isolate it from my own .emacs (over 400KB).

> There's a reason for org-submit-bug-report to exist; among other things it
> includes information about the Emacs and Org version and clueas as to how the
> installation is set up.

I didn't know that, thanks for telling me.


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