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Re: [O] [bug] [babel] repeated exports w/ inline src blocks yield differ

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] [bug] [babel] repeated exports w/ inline src blocks yield different results
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 22:31:39 +0100


Yasushi SHOJI <address@hidden> writes:

> At Sun, 24 Nov 2013 04:18:38 +0000 (UTC),
> Charles Berry wrote:
> [...]
>> and you see the extra '#+END_SRC' line.
>> And if you keep repeating those keystrokes, the second result again appears.
>> However, sometimes a minor change and then an erasure (perhaps 'a a C-x u')
>> followed by the export keystrokes yields the correct result.
> It seems like a cache issue.  `org-element-cache-reset' before exporting
> corrects the result on my system.
> still learning how the cache works...

The problem should be fixed in master. Thank you for the report.


Nicolas Goaziou

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