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Re: [O] Getting checkboxes in HTML output?

From: Peter Davis
Subject: Re: [O] Getting checkboxes in HTML output?
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 13:59:30 -0500
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On 11/29/13, 11:11 AM, Rick Frankel wrote:
On 2013-11-28 16:58, Matt Price wrote:
On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 4:26 PM, Sebastien Vauban
<address@hidden> wrote:
Achim Gratz wrote:
Rick Frankel writes:
For xhtml compatibility, it would need to be 'checked="checked"'. I've
done a quick look at the html dtd, and i does look like input elements
are allowed outside of forms, but i would need to double
check... Also, the fallback to "[-]" for the partially checked state
is a bit inconsistent, perhaps changing background color or other
attributre of the checkbox would be better.

I'd much prefer if you'd be using character entities for that since you
can't do any input on the HTML anyway (WHITE MEDIUM SQUARE, SQUARE WITH
candidates).  That probably makes it UTF-8 only since I don't think
these symbols are defined for plain (X)HTML, so for other encodings
things should probably stay as they are.

FWIW, here's what I do for the HTML export:

In JS:

#+begin_src js
$(function () {
$('li > code:contains("[X]")')
$('li > code:contains("[-]")')
$('li > code:contains("[ ]")')


#+begin_src css
li.checked {
list-style-image: url('../images/checked.png');

li.halfchecked {
list-style-image: url('../images/halfchecked.png');

li.unchecked {
list-style-image: url('../images/unchecked.png');

with 3 nice pictures of green V, red X, and blue || (line "pause" on

so, I don't know if I'm the only one here who feels this way, but I
would like to be able to export to an HTML file with ACTUAL HECKBOXES
that I cna check off, say on a phone, when I put the milk in the
shopping art, or pack the swim goggles in the vacation bag, or
whatever.  Maybe though I should be thinking in terms of some other
export application, remember the milk or something.  Am I describing a
different use case than other users here, perhaps?

My 3 cents:

I don't see that active checkboxes would help since i don't see a use
case where you can save the html back with the modified input. The
github usecase mentioned in anothre thread requires a bunch of
javascript to work (and write-out the modified file).

While Sebastien's solution is visually appealing, i don't think
requiring image assets is viable for the core exporter (note that it
could be done w/o javascript, another dependency i would like to

I've attached an html file which shows the various possible options. My

1. As mentioned above, I don't see active checkboxes as useful
since the modified state is transient.
2. I don't really like the disabled checkboxes visually.
3. Either of the other two approaches (the list item style, which
parallels Sebastien's approach w/o using images) works for me.
Visually I like the list item style solution, but doesn't really
make the intent clear.

So, my vote is to change the exporter to use the BALLOT BOX and BALLOT
BOX WITH CHECK instead of the ascii character currently used and
indicate partially checked boxes ([-]) with greyed text.



Thanks for the handy comparison page, Rick. Visually, I'm happy with either actual HTML <input ...> checkbox elements or the Unicode BALLOT BOX and BALLOT BOX WITH CHECK characters. Semantically, I suppose it's better to avoid having active input elements, since, as you point out, they're completely transient, and so potentially misleading.

Unfortunately, I don't think any of the "partial" options is very clear. They graying out is not particularly clear. But I could live with it if no better alternatives are found.


Peter Davis
The Tech Curmudgeon

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