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Re: [O] [babel] how to pass data to gnuplot from another block

From: Sebastien Vauban
Subject: Re: [O] [babel] how to pass data to gnuplot from another block
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 20:08:05 +0100
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Greg Troxel wrote:
> Eric Schulte <address@hidden> writes:
>> Although purely semantically, in my opinion the "sh" in "#+begin_src sh"
>> indicates generic "shell-script", not the POSIX sh.  E.g., there is no
>> ob-bash.el or ob-csh.el.
> I see your point.  But stepping back, I have always felt that
> "#+begin_src foo" referred to a language

I'd say, personally, that `foo' would refer to a mode (`foo-mode') [1]
which supports one (or multiple) language(s).

And I guess that, in Emacs, `sh' is the mode for editing Shell scripts
(in sh, bash, zsh, etc.). Though, I'm not 100% sure of what I'm saying

> sometimes where that language and a particular program are inseparable
> (e.g. gnuplot). But sh is a first-class language.
>> See the first line in ob-sh.el,
>> ,----
>> | ;;; ob-sh.el --- org-babel functions for shell evaluation
>> `----

Best regards,

[1] Do C-c ' and see that Org (tries to) call(s) the mode foo-mode.

Sebastien Vauban

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