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Re: [O] how to group together fields

From: Alexander Baier
Subject: Re: [O] how to group together fields
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2014 13:33:25 +0100
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Hello Stefan,

I say it again: _Please_ Cc the org-mode mailing list, when replying, so
everyone can read our correspondence.

On 2014-02-01 12:46 Stefan Huchler wrote:
> sry I maybe miss readed you. I have no problem in a different
> structure. If you could "join" 2 different org trees by linking in the
> data or something, like a tee table and a vendor table but have no
> redundant data, I would be ok. clearly my way would be even better but
> I would be ok with a other structure.

Linking to another org-header is possible, but you cannot use this to
feed information to the aggregate functions of Column View. Regarding
normal tables, I have no idea.

> This tree is not fixed, its only a demonstration what I want to do. I
> want to manage data somehow that is not redundant where I can type in
> data once and get this 2 tables when I need them generated.
> And if possible it should not be that I every time I want to use
> something similar I have to write a big special function for it.

One could try write it general enough to be applicable to similar
situations I think.

> I am not shure If I do always the most obious only good way (as a
> pythoneer would say ^^) to reach my goal.
> But in general in my oppinion emacs is not only a editor not only a operation 
> system
> (package manager...) but also a office suite ( authoring, spreadsheet )
> so why not have a somewhat full personal database system.
> The alternative would be for me to use for such small things sqlite and
> write some code for representation and sql statements.
> so the effort to do this and the big problems with backups with real
> databases would be enorm.
> Sorry hope that sounds not like whinig, but I saw 2 days ago a
> presentation (video) from one of or the author from org-mode, and he
> said that some people use it as database. So a database should be able
> to do such basic operation like group by in my oppinion. And you can
> express the logik like I did, its only a question if the org-columns
> function can use it.

I think a lot of people either use it as a more or less flat listing
(with the structure beeing strongly influenced by the aggregate
functions they want to run over it) or they write a bunch of elisp to
help them extract information.

> maybe I have to hack it myself even if I wrote 10 lines of lisp in my
> live ;)

Maybe Bastien (author of Column View I think) can say something to this,
with regard to supplying custom elisp as an aggregate function.

Alexander Baier

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