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[O] Strange behavior with auto-fill

From: Leo Alekseyev
Subject: [O] Strange behavior with auto-fill
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2014 02:28:50 -0800

I've been observing a very annoying behavior with auto fill; it persist in the latest org from git, as well as the version shipped with Emacs 24.3 for OS X.

Consider starting a clean Emacs session with emacs -Q.  Start a new file, foo.org.  Do M-x org-mode and M-x auto-fill-mode.  Now enter the following 3 lines:

(yes, that's a bunch of dashes).  Now try putting a long line in between the second and third set of dashes, and wait for auto-fill to wrap the line.  Here is what I observe:

This is a long line designed to exhibit a bug in auto-fill.  It's
---almost as if auto-fill thinks the dashes are a comment symbol.

Notice how after wrapping the line acquired a leading "---"!  Why does this happen, and how can it be turned off?


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