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[O] Quotes for LaTeX export

From: Laurens Van Houtven
Subject: [O] Quotes for LaTeX export
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2014 21:44:18 +0100


I'm writing a book using org-mode. On export, org-mode turns double quotes like "hello" into ``hello''. Some modern LaTeXes no longer support that form, instead preferring semantic markup. (The reasoning being that the markup implies a particular quote style, whereas quotation style is language-dependent.)

As a result, I get

The preferred way to do that these days is, in the preamble:


... and then later:


I think it would make sense to support this for org, and perhaps eventually make it default behavior. FWIW: I had no idea about this until it bit me when my LaTeX document suddenly had bogus quotes in it.

If there is no interest to add this to org, how do I hack org so that this is what it does?


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