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[O] time tracking math is confusing

From: Ken Mankoff
Subject: [O] time tracking math is confusing
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 11:29:58 -0500 (EST)
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I hope there a general rule I'm missing or something I'm doing wrong, because I find the time tracking math in Org confusing.

It seems that numbers I enter (ex: 8:00, 5d) are in units of 8-hour days. But math that Org does is in units of 24 hour days. So If I have

* Task
  :ID: test-task
** SubTask 1
   :Effort:   5d
** SubTask 2
   :Effort:   8:00

Then the total work is 6 days (8 hour units, 48 hours) or 2d (24 hour units, 48 hours). This makes sense to me so far.

When I make a time tracking table (i'm not sure of the function name, but C-c C-x i and then enter "test-task" at the prompt, I see the following table:

#+BEGIN: <<cut-for-brevity>>
| Task         |  Effort |
| * Task       | 2d 0:00 |
| ** SubTask 1 |      5d |
| ** SubTask 2 |    8:00 |

This is confusing because the units (24 hour, 8 hour) are mixed. The top row entry, "2d", is 24 hour units, but immedediately below it, the "5d" entry is in 8 hour units, as is the 8:00 effort below that.

I can work in either unit, but mixing is confusing.

It seems human-entered times and estimates are 8 hour, and Org-calculated is 24 hour. Is this always correct? The issue then is that there is no clear indicator of what is human and what is Org on this table.


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