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[O] Latex Export Difficulties

From: Samuel Schaumburg
Subject: [O] Latex Export Difficulties
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2014 10:20:43 +0100
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I am facing difficulties during org-Latex Export

When I write outlines to scientific Texts I often have headlines, that
are followed by a footnote, providing easy reference to the Text I am
currently studying.


* Some Headline[fn:2]

When I want to export my notes for printing, the Texbuffer has something
like this:

\section{Some Headline\footnote{S. 45}}

Here comes the trouble: Auctex (with Texlive installed) normally does
not compile this and throws a bunch of errors at me.

What I learned from my research is that the line has to look like this,
so that I can compile:

\section{Some Headline \protect\footnote{S. 45}}

This case is quite typicall for me and leads to often manually reworking
the tex buffer for quite a while, which is not very convenient.

Is there any way I can set up the org latex export to do this
automatically. Would greatly help my workflow. I am quite a newbie to
emacs-lisp, so I cannot think of how to do this. Maybe someone can help
me here

Thanks in advance

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