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Re: [O] Include heading title in HTML section-number cross-reference, li

From: D. C. Toedt
Subject: Re: [O] Include heading title in HTML section-number cross-reference, like LaTex \nameref?
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2014 05:51:02 -0600

Why don't you use [[#IntroTechContracts][Introduction to Technology Contracts]]
 as a link?

I routinely tweak the text of the target headings as I edit the document.  For example, the section heading "Introduction to Technology Contracts" might become, say, "Introduction:  Why Technology Contracts are Fun."  

I don't want to have to manually revise the link text for the many internal cross-reference links that exist in the document.  I'd really like to have a way for a link to automatically retrieve the heading text during HTML export.

On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 2:19 AM, Bastien <address@hidden> wrote:

"D. C. Toedt" <address@hidden> writes:

> (Org-mode maintainer [Bastien, still?], can you please let me know if
> / when this gets implemented in an official release.)

I'm not Org's maintainer anymore, I'm just /de facto/ taking decisions
in accordance with the other core maintainers, our level of trust lets
us move forward happily.

To come back to you original question:

| #+OPTIONS: H:7 TOC:nil @:t num:1 email:t author:t
| * Introduction to Technology Contracts
|   :CUSTOM_ID: IntroTechContracts
|   :END:
| Lorem ipsum etc. etc.
| * Dangerous Clauses
|   :CUSTOM_ID: DangerousClauses
|   :END:
| Lorem ipsum etc. etc. -- see Section [[#IntroTechContracts]].

Why don't you use

[[#IntroTechContracts][Introduction to Technology Contracts]]

as a link?  It is the link stored by org-store-link, and later
inserted by org-insert-link, and AFAICS it is correctly exported.

But it's true there are a few things we can make more consistent
in this area though, so thanks for bringing this up.



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