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Re: [O] Include heading title in HTML section-number cross-reference, li

From: D. C. Toedt
Subject: Re: [O] Include heading title in HTML section-number cross-reference, like LaTex \nameref?
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2014 06:08:17 -0600

Excellent -- that seems to export just fine.  

Interestingly, the export now generates the message, "Position saved to mark ring, go back with C-c & ."  I presume that comes from the ((org-link-search-inhibit-query t)) argument in the "let" function.  It doesn't seem to harm the export results. 

One of these years I'll have to start poking around the Emacs-Lisp code to try to puzzle out the workings of the functions being called, especially 
--- is there a comparable one (or arguments) to get the section number of a heading?

Many thanks, Nicolas.

On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 2:29 AM, Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> wrote:
"D. C. Toedt" <address@hidden> writes:

> I found a problem when trying this on a bigger file (my book file):  If $1
> (actually, #$1) is for a link target that doesn't exist, then org-mode goes
> into its "No match - create this as a new heading? (y or n)" routine. That
> causes the rest of the export to fail.  It'd be better if get-title could
> do the same thing org-mode does natively, that is, including the text of $1
> as italics to indicate a non-existent link.
> Example file below:
> #+MACRO: get-title (eval (save-excursion (org-open-link-from-string
> "[[#$1]]") (org-get-heading nil nil)))
> #+MACRO: SECREF [[#$1][{{{get-title($1)}}}]]
> #+OPTIONS: H:7 toc:nil num:1 email:t author:t
> * Introduction to Technology Contracts
>   :CUSTOM_ID: IntroTechContracts
>   :END:
> Lorem ipsum etc. etc.
> * Dangerous Clauses
>   :CUSTOM_ID: DangerousClauses
>   :END:
> Lorem ipsum etc. etc. -- see Section {{{SECREF(
> BogusLinkTarget
> )}}}

The following should work.

  #+MACRO: get-title (eval (or (save-excursion (ignore-errors (let ((org-link-search-inhibit-query t)) (org-open-link-from-string "[[#$1]]") (org-get-heading nil nil)))) "/$1/"))


Nicolas Goaziou

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