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[O] Mismatch in url escaping between org and exported html

From: Mark Janssen
Subject: [O] Mismatch in url escaping between org and exported html
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2014 21:56:59 +0100

Hello list,

If I insert a http:// link containing question marks, the verbatim link being inserted in the org document has the question mark escaped.

For example the linkĀ 


is actually inserted as:


This works fine when clicking the link from emacs, but breaks when exporting to html. Then it is exported as:

<a href="" href="http://mpcjanssen.nl/fossil/simpletask/tktview?name%3Dee0504fc8c">http://mpcjanssen.nl/fossil/simpletask/tktview?name%3Dee0504fc8c">bug</a>

This will not work.

Is this an error in the html exporter or in org mode itself? I would expect the link to be included verbatim in the .org file.


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