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Re: [O] terminal emulators

From: Gregor Zattler
Subject: Re: [O] terminal emulators
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 21:33:20 +0100
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Hi Achim,
* Achim Gratz <address@hidden> [11. Feb. 2014]:
> Gregor Zattler writes:
>>> You cannot enter C-: in some terminals because it would require
>>> simultaneous processing of shift and control (these terminals ignore
>>> shift while control is pressed).
>> this is true for xterm, rxvt-unicode, gnome-terminal, konsole and
>> the linux console.
> Terminal emulators and certainly all of those you've listed usually pass
> this on correctly unless they are explicitly configured (by the user or
> the application using them) not to (at least when in an UTF-8 locale).

Huh?  I added a new user account to my debian/testing system with
no further customization whatsoever and renamed xorg.conf and
/etc/default/keyboard.  Then I started X as this new user, opened
a xterm and a rxtv-unicode, started emacs -Q -nw, did C-h k
(describe key) and hit C-: which is Shift-Control-. on a german
qwertz keyboard.

It says

: runs the command self-insert-command, which is an interactive
built-in function in `C source code'.

I never used a terminal emulator which would let me use
Shift-Control key combos.  Actually I would be very interested in
working Shift-Ctrl key combos.

> Since Emacs tries to use the full terminal capabilities you must have
> configured something that prevents this from being enabled by Emacs if
> it doesn't work for you.  Note that some X kbd configurations take over
> Shift+Control (usually just for left or right)

ATM I can't test with different (left, right) control keys since
I'm at a MacBook, there sadly is only one control key.

> to emulate hyper or
> super, but that would cause Emacs to recognize these events instead, I'd
> think.

You are able to type C-: in an emacs running in a terminal emulator?

Ciao; Gregor

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