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[O] Citation links pointing to .pdf file - zotero-bibtex-org-oxbibtex-(e

From: Tristan Nakagawa
Subject: [O] Citation links pointing to .pdf file - zotero-bibtex-org-oxbibtex-(ebib?) [[cite:
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 19:24:26 +0100
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Hi all,

I just found out that link-format export in the ox-bibtex exporter goes
via ebib.

My workflow goes pretty much by managing my bibliography and exporting
via autozotbib to a .bib file, and citing in my org drafts so far via
the \citep{} etc. commands. the link form ([cite:]) also works.

However, the link, if clicked itself in the orgfile, opens ebib.

I found these link definitions, but I want something slightly different:

Now I would be a happy camper if I could just click on the link and open
the pdf in the org file, while in the exported document, the link would
point to the bibliograpy, as now correctly happens...

Is it possible to define citep, citet, etc.. links to get this behaviour
done? I noticed that ebib doesn't even open the files from zotero due to
the format zotero outputs the files.

The zotero format can include various files in one entry, starts with
the full filename (which includes spaces), is separated by a colon, then
gives the full filename, and, after a semicolon, starts over for the
next attached file (e.g. for various pdfs, supp information, etc)

so the bibtex entry reads:
        file = {author and author -
and author - titleisshortenediftolong.pdf:application/pdf;another
file:/home/user/Zotero/storage/somethingelsezxdfce/html file or some

I guess in the case of several files there is no surefire way to
identify the correct file, but its reasonable to assume it should be the
first full path name including the authors name and ending in .pdf

so, would it be easier to just define custom links that hack-parse the
.bib file to get the right filename, without ebib? what would such a
custom link look like?

thanks a lot,


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