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Re: [O] taskjuggler - using gaplength or gapduration

From: Christian Egli
Subject: Re: [O] taskjuggler - using gaplength or gapduration
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 11:54:26 +0100
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Hi all

frank <address@hidden> writes:

> One issue that I am having is regarding gaplength and gapduration for
> tasks.  Under the TJ3 syntax, the command would be
> " depends !!PHII {gapduration 7w} ".
> I added gaplength and gapduration under ' Org Taskjuggler Valid Task
> Attributes ' and added the following in my org-mode file:
> *** PSF
>     :Task_id: PSF
>     :depends: PHII
>     :gaplength: 7w
>     :duration: 10d
>     :END:
> The resulting export comes out:
>     depends !!PHII
>     duration 10d
>     gaplength 7w
> which is incorrect.  What am I doing wrong.

gaplength and gapduration need special treatment of the exporter. They
need to be part of the depends statement. So it woll not work if you
just add them as properties. The dependencies section in the comments of
ox-taskjuggler.el has an example how this can be done:

;; * Training material
;;   :task_id:  training_material
;;   :ORDERED:  t
;;   :END:
;; ** Markup Guidelines
;;    :Effort:   2d
;;    :END:
;; ** Workflow Guidelines
;;    :Effort:   2d
;;    :END:
;; * Presentation
;;   :Effort:   2d
;;   :BLOCKER:  training_material { gapduration 1d } some_other_task
;;   :END:

Now, I haven't tested this in a long time and AFAIK this used to work. I
don't know if it survived the port to the new exporter framework. I
would recommend that you try the above mentioned method. From looking at
the source code it seems that Nicolas implemented options on


Christian Egli
Swiss Library for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Print Disabled
Grubenstrasse 12, CH-8045 Z├╝rich, Switzerland

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