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[O] tests asking for my ssh passphrase?

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: [O] tests asking for my ssh passphrase?
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 11:00:08 +0800
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What the heck is this doing?

>From the "make test" output:

Code block evaluation complete.
   passed  111/472  test-ob-python/colnames-yes-header-argument-again
Wrote /tmp/tmp-orgtest/ob-input-13254Tgu
Babel evaluation exited with code 2
   passed  112/472  test-ob-shell/dont-error-on-empty-results
   passed  113/472  test-ob-shell/dont-insert-spaces-on-expanded-bodies
(In buffer yes) Enter passphrase for /home/eric/.ssh/id_rsa: XXXXXXXX
   passed  114/472  test-ob-shell/session
executing Emacs-Lisp code block...

(a (quote 1))

(b (quote 2))

I looked at the test in question, and don't see why in particular it
would try to open a ssh connection. I haven't figured out how to run the
tests interactively from within emacs (I can't get things to load
properly) so haven't tested it here, but I'd be happy to dig further
with a little direction.

This has happened a few times now, across full computer restarts, so
whatever it is isn't transient...


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