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Re: [O] Does org export have something like Lisp quasiquote and unquote?

From: Oleh
Subject: Re: [O] Does org export have something like Lisp quasiquote and unquote?
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 19:45:05 +0100

> The following will do what you want.
> set the value
> #+begin_src lisp :results silent
> (defvar foo '(defun square (x)  (* x x)))
> #+end_src
> #+begin_src lisp :results output pp code
> foo
> #+end_src
> #+BEGIN_SRC lisp
> (DEFUN SQUARE (X) (* X X))
> Best,
> --
> Eric Schulte
> https://cs.unm.edu/~eschulte
> PGP: 0x614CA05D

Thanks, Eric,

but this isn't what I had in mind.
I want the org-mode file to remain unchanged while behaving as if it
was changed,
something like C macros: C compiler is not aware of macros and I'm not aware
of the expanded code, but we get along nicely anyway.

First use-case is that I'm writing documentation for a library of
functions, so some of
them are mentioned a few times. I'd like to refer to them not by name, which
can be subjected to change but by a file local variable.
For instance, I've got a link in a table referring to a heading. They
both have the same
name and I'd like to keep them consistent, but I don't want to do it manually.

Second use-case is that I'm generating a HTML block with
`htmlize-buffer' that I want to
include in the document. I'd prefer not to have hundreds of lines of
HTML that correspond
to 3 lines of code that they're supposed to represent. I'd rather
generate this HTML
via this macro mechanism that I hope exists in some form, maybe in
conjunction with a
makefile-like mechanism.

Here's the org file that I'm working on:
As you see a lot of redundancy there and also several huge ugly HTML blocks.
Btw, is there a way to #include HTML blocks?
Here's the export result: http://abo-abo.github.io/lispy/.


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