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Re: [O] Namespace problem org-mode / Clojure

From: Soapy Smith
Subject: Re: [O] Namespace problem org-mode / Clojure
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2014 10:41:00 -0500

Hi Volker-

I tried the your example code blocks on my system, and I concur with
most of the behavior you described.

org-babel-execute-buffer does not work, as it comes back with error
"repl not connected".  It did not cause a crash.
However, if I add explicit namespace declaration to the 2nd block, it
works!  This is true even thought the 3rd block does not(???).

I was thinking back to why I never encountered this problem, and it is
because I have almost always used an explicit namespace declaration at
the top of the block.  Fortunately, after the first block, you don't
have to use the optional parameters, includes etc.  In your example

(ns environment.my-test)

added to subsequent code blocks you wish to execute in the same
namespace should be sufficient.  I think this should be considered the
"work-around" until someone can explain what is going on, or, even
better, can fix this.

I'm the person who updated the worg documentation for Clojure code
blocks.  I'm thinking about adding a list of TODOs at the bottom, as
there have been some other requests recently to the function behavior.
This issue definitely will go on the list.  Hopefully Bastien is
monitoring and can comment if this is appropriate to add to the Clojure
specific worg page (or should it go somewhere else).


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