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[O] bug in org-create-link?

From: mirko
Subject: [O] bug in org-create-link?
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 17:23:25 +0000 (UTC)
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The following is with release_8.2.5h-649-g2ae5cf.

I get an error when creating a link to a file.

The error originates in code
       (cond ((equal desc "NONE") (setq desc nil))
             ((string-match org-bracket-link-analytic-regexp desc)

I think the error is due to a quirk in my setup, which I was not able to
isolate yet.  I do not get this error with all files, only some of them.

I wonder whether there is some inconsistency in the code. In the lines
immediately preceding the cond statement, desc is set to NIL:
       (setq link (or link cpltxt)
             desc (or desc cpltxt))

Should desc be set to "NONE" by default like so:
       (setq link (or link cpltxt)
             desc (or desc cpltxt "NONE"))

Then the cond statement would be able to handle it.  I hope someone can
answer that question quicker than for me to figure out the full logic of the



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