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Re: [O] Any linguists (or other gb4e/linguex users) on this list?

From: Richard Lawrence
Subject: Re: [O] Any linguists (or other gb4e/linguex users) on this list?
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 22:16:51 -0800
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Aaron Ecay <address@hidden> writes:

> This looks very interesting.  I have created some code that uses tables
> for glossed examples.  So it turns this:
> #+name: ex:ilurdotz
> #+header: :gloss yes
> #+header: :trans You carried me in the car.
> #+header: :cite /MVAV/ Southern High Navarre, p.\space{}160
> | zuek    | ekarri | n-ai-zue        | neri    | kotxe-an |
> | 2PL.ERG | bring  | 1SG-AUX-2PL.ERG | 1SG.DAT | car-LOC  |
> into:
> \ex
> \begingl
> \gla[] zuek ekarri n-ai-zue neri kotxe-an//
> \glb[] \textsc{2pl.erg} bring \textsc{1sg-aux-2pl.erg} \textsc{1sg.dat} 
> car-\textsc{loc}//
> \glft ‘You carried me in the car.’ \trailingcitation{\emph{MVAV} Southern 
> High Navarre, p.\ 160}//
> \endgl
> \label{ex:ilurdotz}
> \xe

Hmm, cool!  I don't actually have much use for glosses myself, but this
seems like a nice way to do this.  Did you have to define a derived
export backend to make this work?  Or are you able to do this using

> I also have some code for embedding syntax trees, which basically just
> passes them through to LaTeX (with some niceties such as translating
> #+caption to \caption{}).  I’ve been meaning to rewrite this for some
> time so that it compiles the trees to SVG to enable embedding into html.

That would also be nice.  If you feel like this code would be worth
packaging up, maybe we could put it together with mine in an
"org-linguistics" contrib package or some such.

>> \begin{exe}
>> \ex[ ]{This is an example sentence.} \label{s:example}
>> \ex[*]{This ungrammatical sentence!} \label{s:ungrammatical}
>> \end{exe}
> Does this work correctly when the \label is outside the brackets of the
> \ex?  I guess it must, but I was surprised...

Indeed it does.  Actually I assumed it /had/ to be outside, probably
because I misinterpreted a comment in the documentation that when you
have judgment brackets, ``in this case you have to indicate the scope of
the example itself with {...}'s''.  (This probably reveals my ignorance
about how LaTeX magically associates labels with what they label.) But
looking again, the gb4e documentation doesn't really make it clear
either way.  If it should go on the inside, that would actually simplify
my code a little bit.

I think it would be straightforward to extend what I've got to exporting
linguex examples, and possibly even expex examples (though I haven't
used that package myself).  Would that be useful to you?


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