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Re: [O] differnace between

From: Oleh
Subject: Re: [O] differnace between
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 20:24:45 +0100

> Hya all. i cant understand what the advantages of org-id links over internal
> ones?
> in both cases it uses a fixed path right? its not like if i move my org
> files to another PC with different paths then the links will all work? whats
> the use case scenario to use org-id  over internal links?

As far as I understand, id links are unique, so you can have multiple
headings with same name, and move them about as much you like within
current file
or multiple files. You can't do that with plain links which are *very*
and become stale fast.

Your scenario with another PC should also work, as org will search for
the needed id
across all known org files. So as long as the file you move across different PCs
is in the search path, the links will still work.


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