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[O] Exporter prints strange and unwanted underscore

From: Thorsten Jolitz
Subject: [O] Exporter prints strange and unwanted underscore
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 12:23:25 +0100
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Hi List, 

[This was posted on the Emacs help mailing list too with a different
subject - before I figured out it might rather be an Org-mode problem.]

This is what I see in a temporary Emacs buffer when I'm in Emacs(client)
and let my Org-mode exporter produce a nested list as output that will
be sent to PicoLisp:

#+begin_src picolisp
  (section (parent-id 8) "[2013-06-28 Fr
   11:01]^J") ^J(headline (org-elem-id 12 ...) )

but when I go to the other side and call Emacsclient from PicoLisp and
redirect what is sent into a file, it looks like this:

#+begin_src picolisp
  (section (parent-id 8) \"[2013-06-28 Fr
  11:01]^J\")_^J (headline (org-elem-id 12 ...) )

thus a strange and unwanted underscore (_) is printed before the ^J.

This is how the respective snippet looks in the original Org file:

| * header 2                                        :TASK:
|  [2013-06-28 Fr 11:01]
| ** subheader 1

It looks like a problem with the Org-mode exporter who produces this
nested list from an Org-mode file/buffer. So the questions are probably:

 1. what invisible character behind the inactive timestamp might be
    transformed into an _ by the exporter?

 2. why does the exporter behave differently when called from Emacs on
    an open Org-mode buffer (correct output in the temporary buffer)
    then when called from an external program (incorrect output with
    strange underscore in the file where output was redirected)?

Any hints are welcome.


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