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[O] automatic scheduling of next task in project

From: Peter Rayner
Subject: [O] automatic scheduling of next task in project
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2014 22:04:25 +1100

I would like org-mode to remind me automatically of the next task in a
project. Perhaps an example will help. I'll use outline headings to
show the levels of tasks

* Write trends paper
** global section
*** analyze GCP results
*** Calculate confidence intervals on trends
** Inverse Model section
*** Code to read inverse model output
*** Calculate regional Uncertainties 
**** Generate new region groupings
**** Rerun calculation

etc etc 
I can flatten this list into a list of TODO and I can store it as a
separate project that will be incorporated into the agenda view. What
I would like is that when I change one of these items to "done" the
next one is automatically scheduled into the agenda. It means I can
plan the workflow for a project then not have to bother remembering
where I was up to ... guess who is doing too many things at once :-) 
Is this already possible? If not, is it worth creating some kind of
file option so that, when a file is scanned for incorporation into the
agenda view, the first TODO item that isn't listed as done will be
listed in the agenda?
Thanks in advance


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