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[O] orgtbl export linbread source code possible?

From: Thorsten Grothe
Subject: [O] orgtbl export linbread source code possible?
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2014 17:12:02 +0100

Dear List,

I have an org-radio table which I would like to export to latex. The
table header looks like this:

#+ORGTBL: SEND sec-6 orgtbl-to-latex :skip 3 :splice t :lend

as you can see there are a lot of \cmidrules in the code which are exported to
one long latex line like this:


is it possible to add a linbreak after two or three \cmidrule commands so that
it looks like this

[tabular code]
\cmidrule(lr){4-5}\cmidrule(lr){5-5} [linebreak]
\cmidrule(lr){6-6}\cmidrule(lr){7-7} [linebreak]


Thanks in advance!

Thorsten Grothe

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