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Re: [O] Incorrect hexification in URLs in LaTeX Export

From: Andreas Leha
Subject: Re: [O] Incorrect hexification in URLs in LaTeX Export
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 22:31:12 +0100
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Hi Bastien,

Bastien <address@hidden> writes:

> "R. Michael Weylandt <address@hidden>"
> <address@hidden> writes:
>> I've tried this with Org 7.9.3 and 8.2.5h to the same result:
>> <---------------------->
>> #+TITLE: Test
>> * One
>> Here is a [[http://google.com/search?q=orgmode][link]]
>> <---------------------->
>> Exporting to HTML doesn't transform the link but exporting to LaTeX
>> results in the (non-working) http://google.com/search?%3Dorgmode
> I think this is now fixed in master.  Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks for looking into this.  It seems the proposed fix is working at
most partly.  Or maybe I get something wrong?

Following is the test file from above in an extended version.

The first link is exported correctly (I do not know whether it has been

I opened the link in firefox, copied the address from firefox and
inserted into the Org file via 'C-c C-l', which gives me the second

The second link is not clickable in the resulting pdf.

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
#+TITLE: Test
* One
Here is a [[http://google.com/search?q=orgmode][link]]

This one is the same, but inserted via C-c C-l and the system clipboard.

#+LaTeX_header: \usepackage{hyperref}
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---


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