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Re: [O] First attempt at exporting to PDF.

From: Martin Schöön
Subject: Re: [O] First attempt at exporting to PDF.
Date: Sat, 3 May 2014 19:32:57 +0200

Here is how my first org-mode file for export to pdf using LaTeX starts:

#+LATEX_CLASS: article
#+OPTIONS: toc:nil
#+OPTIONS: ^:{}
#+TITLE: Ett första försök att blanda in LaTeX i en Org-mod fil
#+AUTHOR: Martin Schöön

The first two rows should be self explaining and they show the syntax.
The third row prevents the creation of a table of contents.
The fourth row forces me to use the LaTeX convention of ^{something}
and _{something} for super- and sub-scripts.
Line five and six show you how to define title and author.

I have never tried what you are trying to do with references so someone
else must step in and help you there.

Martin Schöön


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