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Re: [O] using org-refile to sort research notes?

From: Jay Dixit
Subject: Re: [O] using org-refile to sort research notes?
Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 02:17:56 -0400

Richard and Alan,

Thanks for the feedback. It looks like this is turning into a larger discussion of how to organize a workflow for writing a book. Which is great - I could use some insight. My problem is I have dozens of disparate files, each created in a different moment of inspiration and each containing notes, strategizing, or actual writing for the book. 

Richard: You have all your notes in one notes.org file, and you have another file e.g. writing.org for actual writing? How do you then work - do you, say, split your frame into side-by-side windows, writing in the right window while working off of notes from the left? 

And to anyone using org-mode for book writing: Do you put thoughts about structure, tone, and objectives for each section along with the research notes? Do you make use commenting at all? 

If this is off-topic for the list, I'd be happy to discuss them off-list via email. Or if there's interest, I could create a separate list for 'org-mode for writers.' 

Thanks again,

Jay Dixit 
(646) 355-8001

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