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Re: [O] Bibliography woes!

From: Leonard Avery Randall
Subject: Re: [O] Bibliography woes!
Date: Mon, 05 May 2014 13:33:22 +0100
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Sharon Kimble wrote:

But "page 3" of what? "input line 139" of what? 

Page 3 of the PDF and input line 139 of the .tex file.

It all looks okay to me, except I cant see what the latex warnings
relate to. Any ideas folks please?

The most likely problem is that you have you have not called bibtex (or biber) the appropriate number of times and so your references have not been processed correctly. The way to check this is to run bibtex or biber (whichever you use, your setup looks like it was designed for bibtex so bibtex is probably the one you want) on your .tex file and then call xelatex again, and see if the errors go away. If that is the problem. You should look at how you have set up org-latex-pdf-process to make sure that it calls xelatex and bibtex the appropriate number of times. (another option is to use latexmk, it is really convenient, but it takes a bit of work to configure it properly).

All best,

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