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[O] Non-scheduled repeating tasks

From: Albin Stjerna
Subject: [O] Non-scheduled repeating tasks
Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 15:52:26 +0200


I've been thinking about how to integrate tasks which are to some
extent tracked elsewhere into my org-mode workflow, such as for
example "read N chapter of book A" or "watch K video lectures at X".

I'd like a way to describe in org-mode that a task should be completed
a number of times, and then have org-mode let the task recur a number
of times, possibly with a cool-down period (but that's not really
necessary). The normal progress cookies % and / would preferrably be
used to indicate progress in the TODO headings themselves.

1. Has something like this been attempted by anyone else before?
2. Which org-mode hooks would be a good place to start integrating
something that would both potentially block TODO transitions and have
to read/write properties and/or special drawers in org-mode? At first,
I thought that the problem could be trivially solved with the
org-blocker-hook, but I realised that it said it shouldn't update the
org buffers, and my function needs to in order to update the state for
blocked tasks (e.g. increment the counter).

Thanks in advance!

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