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Re: [O] Export Agenda to Google Calendar ICS Format (problem found)

From: Tory S. Anderson
Subject: Re: [O] Export Agenda to Google Calendar ICS Format (problem found)
Date: Tue, 06 May 2014 05:57:33 -0400
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I've located the problem: it is `org-icalendar-start-file` in org-icalendar.el. 
It specifically writes X-WR-TIMEZONE tags out when modern standards seem to 
require BEGIN:VTIMEZONE. When I have time I'll look at re-writing it, unless 
any of you wizards have already done this/can do it faster than an elisp newbie 
like myself. 

- Tory

address@hidden (Tory S. Anderson) writes:

> Thanks for the response, Arun; but my problem isn't which time zone it's 
> using, but the way it outputs it. As described at 
> http://blog.jonudell.net/2011/10/17/x-wr-timezone-considered-harmful/, 
> iCalendar outputs a X-WR-TIMEZONE parameter which is problematic; it should, 
> instead, use BEGIN:VTIMEZONE. Anyone know any solutions? 
> - Tory
>> Date: Mon, 05 May 2014 15:11:25 -0700
>> From: Arun Persaud <address@hidden>
>> To: address@hidden
>> Subject: Re: [O] Export Agenda to Google Calendar ICS Format
>> Message-ID: <address@hidden>
>> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1
>> Hi
>> On 05/05/2014 02:24 AM, Tory S. Anderson wrote:
>>> Cross-posted from 
>>> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23463962/emacs-export-calendar-bad-timezone-format-in-ics
>>> Using orgmode I export my agenda to an ics file, upload it to my site, and 
>>> import it into Google calendar. This seems like an easy ideal solution, but 
>>> when I check the calendar I find that it is not recognizing the time zone 
>>> of my ics file and so is assuming GMT, making my imported times uselessly 
>>> off. The problem seems to be the same as the one described here:
>>> http://blog.jonudell.net/2011/10/17/x-wr-timezone-considered-harmful/
>>> Checking my exported ics, sure enough, it is using X-WR-TIMEZONE:EST, which 
>>> Google calendar does not respect. This must be a well-known problem, but I 
>>> haven't been able to locate a solution anywhere. Help would be appreciated: 
>>> how can I get the right time on my events (and they must be a feed; the 
>>> "add to calendar" trick is no good)?
>> I have this in my .emacs file to set the timezone.
>> (setq org-icalendar-timezone "America/Los_Angeles")
>> HTH
>> Arun

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