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[O] export section body but not section title

From: Ken Mankoff
Subject: [O] export section body but not section title
Date: Tue, 06 May 2014 09:19:22 -0400
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Is there a way (tag?) in Org to export the body but not the
title/heading? For example,

* Section 1   :noexport:
  Some Text
* Section 2
  Some more text

Would not export the "Some Text" or any part of Section 1. I'd like to
export the "Some Text" text, just not the title "Section 1". 

Use Case: More sections and collapsability in the Org doc makes
writing/organizing easier, but the journal format doesn't allow any
sections except one (Supplemental Material). 

Is this supported in Org as-is, or does it require a bit of Lisp code?
I'd be happy for a LaTeX-specific solution.


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