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Re: [O] Virtualenv and HTML5 Help

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: [O] Virtualenv and HTML5 Help
Date: Thu, 08 May 2014 09:59:30 +0800
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Scott Randby <address@hidden> writes:

> On 05/07/2014 04:17 PM, Thomas Marek wrote:
>> *HTML5 Export:*
>> *
>> *
>> I'm trying to export my org-files in 'html5', as opposed to the default
>> 'xhtml-strict'. The manual says to set [ org-html-html5-fancy ] to t. I
>> tried searching for [ org-html-html5-fancy ] in [ M-x org-customize ]
>> but I couldn't find it. I tried adding [ (setq org-html-html5-fancy t) ]
>> to my init.el, but nothing happened. I'm not at all proficient in
>> emacs-lisp so my syntax may be wrong. The manual also says I can set [
>> html5-fancy ] in an options line. I'm not really sure how to do this. I
>> tried [ #+OPTIONS html5-fancy: t ] but it didn't do anything.
>>  1. How can I export to 'html5' instead of 'xhtml-strict' in org version
>>     7.9.3f and Emacs version 24.3.1?
>>  2. Is there any way I can view and customize the back-end that parses
>>     the org file to produce the html?
> I believe you need to upgrade your org to version 8 for (setq
> org-html-html5-fancy t) to work.

Also, the variable that really controls this is 'org-html-doctype, which
you set to html5. 'org-html-html5-fancy just controls whether or not,
when you're exporting to html5, Org will try to use some of the new
element types from the html5 spec.


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