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Re: [O] [ANN] Gnorb: Glue code between Gnus, Org, and BBDB

From: Alan Schmitt
Subject: Re: [O] [ANN] Gnorb: Glue code between Gnus, Org, and BBDB
Date: Sat, 10 May 2014 20:01:28 +0200
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On 2014-05-10 18:36, Eric Abrahamsen <address@hidden> writes:

> Right now (this code hasn't been pushed yet), the GNORB_MSG_IDS property
> is used in the *other* direction: when you receive a message that might
> be relevant to a TODO (ie the second of the three mail functions I
> mentioned), the GNORB_MSG_IDS property is used to suggest the relevant
> TODO. We look at the IDs mentioned the References and In-Reply-To
> headers of the incoming mail, if any of those IDs appear in the
> GNORB_MSG_IDS property of a TODO, that TODO is suggested for
> state-change/completion. This doesn't do anything automatically, it's
> just used to suggest a likely default.

Ah, very nice.

I still think basing links on message ids is the most robust. I just
gave a quick try and I can fairly easily find a message from an id
through notmuch on the command line, or using an interactive
search. I had a quick look at notmuch.el but I don't see a way to use it
without a notmuch buffer, though.

> Actually, the very first motivation for starting to work on these
> functions was annoyance at not being able to return properly from
> following a gnus link.

That's motivation enough!

>> I know how to record state changes in the logbook (in the definition of
>> `org-todo-keywords'), but I don't know how one adds notes. Do you do it
>> by hand?
> Gnorb will give you the choice of triggering state change, or adding a
> note (with a customizable default, and a prefix arg to get the inverse).
> Usually, you can add a note manually with C-c C-z. A note won't affect
> `gnorb-org-handle-mail's behavior, it's just there for your information.
> In both cases, gnorb will leave you at the note message buffer, where
> you can insert a link or type whatever comments you want.

Good to know, thanks.

>> Basic question: how does one add such a tag? I'm a very very basic user
>> of bbdb, in the sense that I only use it to expand addresses when
>> writing messages. I know it can do much more, but I don't know how.
> Sure: just hit "i" on a record, and it will prompt you to insert a
> field. The first time you use org-tags it will ask you to confirm you
> want to create a new field type; after that it will provide
> completion.

I'll give it a try.

Thanks again,


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