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[O] Problems with including ledger files in org-babel

From: Adam Turoff
Subject: [O] Problems with including ledger files in org-babel
Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 03:27:55 -0400

I'm trying to prepare a ledger report by including a ledger file with babel:

#+begin_src ledger :cmdline print
!include ledger.lgr


And each time I try and eval the buffer, the results come back blank.  org-confirm-babel-evaluate works perfectly fine with other blocks, like sh, and it works for ledger blocks embedded in org source blocks (described in the tutorial), but I can't get !include to load an external file.

I'm trying to include some ledger content copied from http://orgmode.org/worg/org-tutorials/weaving-a-budget.html , and the 'print' option in ledger should always emit some output.

Is this a known issue that hasn't been updated in that tutorial?  Is there some other way to include external ledger files into org-babel?

This is in org version 8.2.6-14-g063c8b-elpa.


-- Adam

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