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[O] Tag setting mode creates two additional windows

From: Dmitry Gorbik
Subject: [O] Tag setting mode creates two additional windows
Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 01:47:35 -0700


I am trying to enter the tag setting mode by pressing C-c C-c for the following 
org file:

#+TAGS: @work(w)  @home(h)  @tennisclub(t)
* some test

I have noticed that if the frame is large enough, when entering the tag setting 
mode Org will split the frame horizontally first and then will split the top 
window vertically. I end up with two windows with my org file and the other 
*Org tags* window. Is this done on purpose? Couldn’t find any information about 
this behavior.

I am using the latest nightly build of emacsformacosx, the latest org-mode and 
an .emacs with only org-mode enabled.


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